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Sai Priyanka Avenues, Dowlaiswaram, Rajahmundry

Sai Priyanka Housing Projects (P) Ltd., pioneers in township development, presents the prestigious Sai Priyanka Avenues – Dowlaiswaram, a joint venture project of Textile Tycoon Bommana Rajkumar and Sai Priyanka Housing Projects (P) Ltd.

The site for the township is located in Dowlaiswaram a thickly populated suburb of Rajahmundry urban agglomeration, which lets you enjoy the freedom of unfettered access to the Rajahmundry town.

The township is a mix of low rise apartments (G+2) and Independent houses.

Life at Sai Priyanka Avenues satisfies all your needs and fulfills your hearts desire.

The site is located just 4Kms away from Rajahmundry railway station and 500 Meters from Dowlaiswaram main road.

A well designed town ship with a plethora of exciting options for home buyers.


  • 1. The layout is approved by DTCP
  • 2. Situated in a residential zone.
  • 3. Frequent Bus facility.
  • 4. Black Top Roads, Avenue Plantation.
  • 5. Individual Bores.
  • 6. Clear title
  • 7. Affordable Rates